“ARTFORUM” publisher, Knight Landesman at the opening of ‘Look Again’ at Marlborough, Chelsea, January 2010“Look Again,” a group exhibition curated by Casey Fremont and Karline Moeller opened at Marlborough Chelsea, New York, January 13, 2010

Downtown curators Casey Fremont and Karline Moeller brought a youthful glow to the legendary blue chip art gallery, Marlborough, Chelsea.  The show titled “Look Again” focuses on appropriation, subversion and trompe l’oeil devices employed by an international roster of 18 artists including Vik Muniz, Raymond Pettibone, Peter Coffin, McDermott & McGough, Louise Lawler, Chakaia Booker, and some from Marlborough’s own stable. The curators were less inclined to explore the themes as genre but rather melded together a selection of works that juxtaposes established artists with emerging voices who share a common thread of challenging the viewer’s ‘eye’ with visual tricks and sleight of hand.  What you see isn’t often what you get.