Purim Ball: Who Wears the Crown?

PurimSpieler, Lena Dunham

On Wednesday night, the Jewish Museum hosted their annual Masked Purim Ball at the Park Avenue Armory honoring art world legend James Rosenquist.  Celebrated designer David Stark worked his magic creating a dazzling mardi gras atmosphere in the historic Drill Hall where a crowd swarmed donning tuxedos and opulent evening wear.  Lena Dunham took center stage as the evening’s Purim Spieler with a laugh out loud comedic dramatization of the Book of Esther.  Her mother, the downtown artist, Laurie Simmons wore the Golden Crown.

Artist Laurie Simmons
ThreeAsFour fashion designers, Adele and Adi
Jewish Museum Deputy Director, Ellen SalpeterAward-winning writer/actor, Lena DunhamWriter, Linda YablonskyArt World insider, Melissa BentArt Production Fund Co-Founder, Yvonne Force(l) Artist Lisa Yuskavage with Andrea SchwanArtist, Kiki Smith