Long Live Colette!

Justine and the Victorian Punks. A Visual Art Band by Colette ©1978 from “Colette is Dead: Justine and the Victorian Punks Prevail. It’s all over Now Baby Blue” seriesIn keeping to a long tradition of exhibiting and performing her art in unexpected places, on February 8th, the multi-disciplinary artist COLETTE (and New York’s most treasured BAD GIRL) unveiled “Metaphysical Portraits” in the window and art gallery at DESTINATION New York, in the heart of the Meatpacking District.  The works stay on view through March 9, 2010. 

During a post-opening visit with Colette, I pored over volumes of press books crammed with articles and critical essays many by leading art writers and historians.  The writings date from her early street performance work of the 1970s when she was often arrested and carted off by the NYPD.  In her archive is an MP3 download from an oral history project on PS.1’s Clocktower Gallery where Jeffrey Detich vividly brings to life a piece from 1974 that Colette staged at the space.  You can listen here: http://www.colettetheartist.com/pics/mp3/sbarccohp_deitch.mp3
…and be sure to catch COLETTE at Destination.  http://www.colettetheartist.com/

Colettesizing the window at Destination, New York Meatpacking District, February 8, 2010